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Home at last!

We arrived in Brockenhurst at about 14.00. Its been a long and at times stressful drive south. A journey of well over 1000 miles not including the ferry journeys. It was worth it but we are looking forward too 10 days of being in one place. The weather has been mostly sunny with a few heavy showers.

The site is right in the middle of the forest 35 minutes walk away from Brokenhurst station. Tomorrow we are off to get Grandchildren up and to school. We have been away for nearly 8 months and can honestly say it’s been an experience. The Highlands are magnificent and we have been privileged to be able to live there for an extended period of time.We like to think that we made the most of it. We have done and seen so much. We started out in snow

Experienced all weather and survived. The caravan and van leaked and it was ok. Our neighbours

Helped us through some of the tough times as did the scenery.

I have over 1000 photos of our time in Scotland and the islands memories that we will treasure. We would be lying if we said it had all been plain sailing but on balance well worth the risk.

I will continue to add stuff on occasion. We are planning on further adventures but for now we are back in familiar territory and looking forward too catching up with friends and family.

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