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We got up this morning and finished off moving stuff out of the house and into either the van or container in preparation for the big off. We were a little surprised that the new occupants arrived before we left. However it was nice meeting them. They were very happy to move into our little home as they had been living in a hotel room for 8 weeks not fun with 2 kids and no cooking or washing machine!

Mixed feelings as we've never been homeless before but fortune favours the brave or something like that.

We left Scotland in October last year and have both been working up to 70 hours a week in our new and not so new roles.

We are out initially until the 20th as we have to return for appointments, work on the van and Gordon's passport!!

First stop Minehead on a site with no electric we are hoping we can live off grid and spend 2 nights a week in a campsite to charge up, empty toilets and shower.

This is the view from the van!

It's an adjustment but we believe we can suck it up😎.

Gordon has a new chariot and after much adjustment to bikes and his carriage we headed off for a trial run.

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