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Hospital visit!

Very little sleep last night due in part to my shoulder playing up. Luckily I had an appointment in the town scheduled for 13.20. We cycled up and arrived in good time. On arrival I was given a number and told to wait in the corridor.

The Dr was great but spoke little too no English. However Rae's Spanish lessons paid off. With his humour we managed to get through the consultation.

With the aid of ultrasound he injected into the inflamed bursa? All in all a sleek and efficient procedure. For the cost of £100 euros it was definitely worth the risk.

I have been advised to rest up and ice pack the area and been given a prescription for Ibuprofen .

It seems that all the medical services are based in one section of town. I had found this guy on Google. Not sure whether I could have been treated for free but seemed right to pay for it as it had started playing up when we were in Scotland.

Hopefully it should start helping in a couple of days and last up to 4 months.

Today was the hottest day so far with temperatures in the low 70s . I stayed in base camp as Rae braved the ocean.

We walked into town early evening to find a pharmacy and stretch our and the dogs legs.

The walk took us through the local forest as the sun began to set.

Tomorrow we are catching the train to Cadiz and picking up the hire care we have for the next 8 days. We have about another 10 days locally before we head up the coast!

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Thanks so far so good 😊

Me gusta

Hope your shoulder and arm recover well…

Me gusta
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