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Hot day at work Magda heads for the mountains a generous gift and the little critters arrive.

Sat out last night with Magda and her family, our first night with the company of our little flying friends. In the end we had to retreat indoors with citronella candles burning. Not many bites but bloody annoying! A sign of things to come unfortunately.

Magda set off to walk to the local falls at 11.00 and at the time of writing 20.00 not back but has text. She won’t be happy as she was knackered yesterday and the walk today was 12 miles of hot hilly walking. Luckily it never seems to get dark here. Bed at 12 light awake at 4 light surely it must get dark at some point 🤷‍♀️.

One of our long term customers has given us an Apple Mac as he no longer uses it. The battery needs replacing other wise it’s tip top. He refused any payment and was happy to let us have it. A generous and considerate gesture. We know nothing about computers but hopefully it will sync with the I phones that we have. Any thoughts any one!

It was a beautiful day sunshine and a breeze which keeps the midges at bay!

Another day at work tomorrow forecast is good🌈😎

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