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I would walk 3000 miles

So far we have travelled by coach, train, minibus and ferry. We calculated that in total it's over 3000 miles. So it's a real treat to stop in a peaceful town in a flat with a view. And what a view it is. Looking out over the bay to the island and at night you can hear the waves breaking on the shore. A welcome change from cockerels , dogs, traffic and distorted speakers shouting out to the faithful. The major bonus is the fresh clean air. It's a beautiful place marred unfortunately by the amount of rubbish and in particular plastic on the foreshore.

We strolled along the beach towards the town centre.

Passing very quickly through the fish market as we had been warned that it was very vegetation unfriendly and on to the rocks that protect the kasbah.

We managed to dodge some heavy showers and continue our recent dry run that stretches back through the entire trip.

There were some interesting rock formations.

The waves breaking on to the rocks as we scrambled elegantly over them.

Eventually walking through the maze like streets so calm and peaceful so unlike anything we have experienced so far.

Up onto the battlements for another great view.

We are both enjoying the change of pace and the serenity of Essaouira. Would highly recommend this as a winter's break. It even has its own airport.

We've booked a car from Monday through until we leave dropping it off at the airport in Agadir.

We will head off the tourist trail for a bit starting with a few days in paradise valley leaving next Thursday.

Tomorrow is a little hit and miss with the weather which is set to improve on Sunday. So maybe a walk in and around the local area .

Even looks ok in the rain. Especially from our dry balcony.

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