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Ice lights and no football

Woke up at stupid o'clock walked to the station via daughters house and McDonald's for breakfast before getting the train to London.

The train was delayed and busy but managed to get a seat on the way up.

Walked along the south bank before getting the tube to Canary Wharf for the ice skating. I sat that one out deciding that discretion was the better part of valour. There happened to be a good view from the bar.

No injuries and I only witnessed one slip from all of them.

We had lunch at Canary Wharf and then grabbed the newly opened Elizabeth line into central London. My god it was busy no sign of a recession here.

Leicester Square first .

Then walked through China Town and Soho (interesting questions from the young ones) onto Carnaby Street

Looking at things we couldn't afford or indeed want..

We took a little detour into Liberties for a nose on the way to Oxford street.

An interesting shop but again probably not for the likes of us.

Oxford street was just plain horrible so we very soon dived down a side street to get away from the mayhem.

Got to Waterloo grabbed the train as it was about to leave. There was barely standing room available. We stood for the entire journey to Southampton wedged in the space between the doors.

Missed the football as a consequence. Despite England winning, not watching it,the crowds and the trip back everyone remained in good spirits.

The perfect circle completed as we finished the day as we started with a McDonald's.

A picture of the brand new train on the Elizabeth line.

Tomorrow eye test and haircuts and hopefully the heater in the van starts to work as it should. Otherwise the upcoming cold snap will be interesting.

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