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Important visit and changeable weather!

Awoke this morning after an evening and night of torrential rain. Unfortunately the van continues to leak and new leaks have occurred. We hope by shifting the angle of the pod we will stop some of the pooling of water on the roof. Thus stoping at least one of the incursions. The good news is that we appear to have stopped the leak in the caravan. This morning the clouds were slowly lifting as you can see above and below.

The day was bright and warm until the evening when the rain set in. Strangely I drove to the nearest Chinese some 16 miles away and it was a beautiful summers evening. We arranged our first takeaway to discuss the visit from the area manager.

It could not have gone better from discussing the merits or not of our national teams to our future placements. He was very happy with the site and most importantly the feedback received from customers. We have all exceeded expectations on every count.

He is happy for us to return next year but is cognisant of our desire to be closer to friends and family. He explained that we can only choose three areas not three sites. If we choose Wales we could be up to 6 hours from home. It looks like our choices will be South, South East or South West. We have also requested some winter work 3 months of caretaking duties on a sight down south. Free accommodation and a wage!

We are all justifiable happy for the recognition of the hard work we have all put in from him but most importantly from the glowing feedback we have received from those using our site!

Rain returned in the evening but we are looking forward to the football and the journey to Inverness and a few drinks to celebrate and let our hair down.

This will be the first time we have slept in a proper bed since March and no leaks !

Apparently come on England does not translate into Scottish 🤷‍♀️ We have been warned that Inverness maybe problematic we will of course update you in due course!

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Congrats on Area Manager visit! Time to Par-tie. Come on Englaaaannd!

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