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In clover with our heads in the clouds ☁️

We started off bright and early on our trip to Applecross. We were hoping to miss the avalanche of white vans as they move from one campsite to the next. The road is infamous for it’s breathtaking scenery and single track road which snakes up the mountain. Rae decided that on balance she would rather drive as being a passenger would likely end in a row. Having spent time last night rehearsing the drive she coped admirably well and even allowed me to drive the return leg along the coast. An equally impressive and scenic route if slightly less dramatic.

As we left the site the clouds were clearing.

The journey was interrupted after a few minutes as we stopped to take this picture at our local loch.

We then headed of up and over.

We arrived in Applecross had chips and a walk through a clover wood.

The aftermath of chips.

Now we are in clover

Never seen so much clover In my life before. Apparently there’s no such thing as a four leaf clover 🤷‍♀️

We then headed back along the coast with me at the wheel.

It’s difficult to convey the beauty and the grandeur of the Highlands. I would however advise one and all to add it to your bucket list. The little corner that we have landed in is so far unbeatable and a secret gem that is largely undiscovered and unspoiled.

We are now back to work and for the first time home alone as Simon and Judith take a well deserved couple of days break away from the site and of course us.

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