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In search of Boris,shepherding,low flying, another hill climbing activity and our first eagle.

A day in the life of a campsite. We weeded pitches and cut grass. A busy day of people coming and going. As well as the routine tasks we had a spell of sheep wrangling.We have a regular visit from a ewe and her lamb which entails lots of running gesticulating and great amusement from the delighted audience. We spoke to a man who’s a keen amateur radio ham. Apparently if you climb a Munro or a hill and transmit to 4 people anywhere in the world you are awarded points depending on the size of the said hill the maximum is 10 for Ben Nevis size. After you hit 1000 points you become a grand master or chief wizard or something 🤷‍♀️

We had an incredible encounter with a low flying Hercules transport plain that flew past at no higher than 500 ft banked sharply we all thought he was heading straight into the Munro opposite. Engendered a full fledged panic attack from one of the customers!

We then had a panic as Boris the cat who had been brought on a 2 week holiday from Derbyshire decided he didn’t want to go home so hid in the compound. Found him eventually and after much gentle persuasion he returned to the car for the journey home.

Just getting a dementing old dog from next door out when in the sky above was our first Golden eagle another tick on this epic adventure!

Finally keeping the best to last we had a brief visit from our first friends from down south Steve and Gill Brown. So very nice to see some familiar faces. We are meeting up Sunday and have charted a wildlife boat trip on Monday so very exciting. Happy birthday Steve.

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