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In transit.

Well that was a totally different experience from driving in Morocco.

Up at 7 cleaned the house and loaded the car and van before setting off.

We called into Eastleigh on the way through to say hello and goodbye to Raes family. Surprised by a day early birthday cake for Rae😎

The onward journey was largely unaventful. We were planning on taking the M6 toll road but the combined price of £25. Put me off. This added 35 minutes to the journey.

We have stopped north of Lancaster for the night. This leaves us with only 3.5 hours to drive tomorrow. I guess we could have done the whole journey in a day but that would have been bloody hard work/boring.

Not sure what the area looks like but I believe we are on the edge of the Lake District which would explain the rain.

The forecast is looking extremely dodgy with high winds,snow and rain in the offing.

Well I guess if we had wanted sun and warmth we wouldn't be heading north and maybe lingered longer in Africa.

At least we have electric and heating which makes the whole thing tolerable.

Someone's happy that we are no longer away!

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