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Intermittent downpours and friends arrive

A day of very heavy rain in short bursts. Managed to get out and do some strimming and Rae did some weeding. We alternated outside and inside duties allowing each of us to dry out. Friends arrived later in the afternoon and it was really good too catch up. We are working tomorrow and they are hoping to spend the day kayaking. We are then heading up to Ullapool with them on Tuesday.

It’s 9.30 in the evening and its starting to get dark. It’s still a lot lighter in the evening later than down south. However it’s starting to become more noticeable that the nights are drawing in. Consequently our time in the Highlands is rapidly drawing to a conclusion. We have plans for our return south and the winter. We will not be returning home but will winter in the vans. Local to home mainly in The New Forest and Dorset. The return journey will start on the 20th of October and will be via John O’groats .

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