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Is it or isn’t it🤷‍♀️

Another day of weather like we have never experienced woke up to a white blanket had to clear snow off the awning in case it collapsed. Off to work to take down all the lights and emergency lights in the toilet and laundry blocks clean and reassemble. We also took down the extraction fans filters that were clogged with all sorts of human detritus Rae was horrified and gagging!

The day yo yoed from extremes

with a brief visitor

The mountains looked dramatic and at there best in the sunshine

We set off for an evening walk in brilliant sunshine 20 minutes in

10 minutes later!

A wild and beautiful place and we are definitely experiencing and enjoying the extremes we have never known anything quite like this! We know that we need to treat it with respect and expect the unexpected!

Finally a big thank you to Keith at Perfect Balance Cycles in Totton. The electric motors he fitted for us on our bikes are a dream. They will enable the three of us to explore further and greener🌈😎.

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