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It could be worse you could be camping!

The morning started off warm and dry but as the day progressed it became increasingly wet. Towards the end of the afternoon it started to persistently rain. This carried on into the evening. Luckily the temperature was not too cold . Especially for the young people camping they are part of operation Raleigh

Raleigh International is a global community dedicated to building a better, fairer and more sustainable world.

This was founded back in the 1980 by Prince Charles and is now a global organisation empowering young people to make a change in the world. The particular focus currently is the climate emergency. They have been a group of young people who have been dedicated polite and extremely well behaved. It’s refreshing to see young people who are often denigrated acting in such a positive manner. Our day was spent dodging the showers with me strimming and Rae on the big sit on lawnmower. We have our practical machinery test in about 2 weeks time. We are being suddenly invaded by wasps having avoided them until now. Apparently at this time of the season the queen no longer needs to be fed. So what happens is you have a load of redundant wasps hyped up on sugar wandering around with a load of pent up energy anger and aggression. Unfortunately it looks probable that Rae got stung by one this morning in passing. Fortunately she survived as did the wasp. I myself got bitten by a spider the other night probably a false widow . I only know this by comparing wounds with pictures on the internet and by finding the probable offender a couple of days later!

Sweet dreams.

Working tomorrow and we are hoping the weather will improve 🤞

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