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It had to happen!

Oh my the forecast was for sunshine and showers but less than %50 chance of rain so we decided to walk to Lynmouth and Linton rather than cycle. The choice was the right one not only weather wise but the hills were astounding. We've done lots of walking in our time and these were some of toughest and longest gradients we have experienced.

The first stage took us mainly downhill hill towards the valley of the rocks.

That's the view from our current residence that's Swansea in the distance.

The road towards the valley was steep but pretty much traffic free. There were rushing rivers traversing the road.

Rainbows were in evidence a portent of things to come.

The views as always were stunning and the valley of the rocks is well worth a visit.

For some totally inexplicable reasons we decide to take the coast path out and around the rock formations with plunging drops onto rocks below.

The views were breathtaking if you could look. I was having a full blown panic attack so Rae had to take over photo duty. I was hugging the edge and looked up to see these guys hovering above me. They appear to be immune to the danger all around them.

Survived,just but not coming back that way. We then took the path down and down into Lynmouth. Another beautiful Devon coastal town with dramatic rivers running through.

Up a massive cliff to Lynton for a cream tea before heading back. Studiously avoiding the coastal path. We were accompanied all the way home by heavy rain. Now one shouldn't complain as this was really the first time that we have experienced such inclement weather. Unfortunately being drenched and trying to dry out in a leaky damp box has its drawbacks.

That's us exiting the valley of the rocks in between downpours. When we eventually returned to the van after climbing the cliff face, the weather suddenly improved. Too late for us but at least we could change outside the van.

Tomorrow we continue our journey homeward via Minehead for football and a parking spot on the shore.

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