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It’s all gone wrong 😑

We had prepared the van so were able too pick up the grandkids as agreed before heading off to Salisbury to the indoor inflatable center. As the van has 7 seats.

Not my idea of fun but the kids seem to enjoy it.

We then returned to the van and had lunch. As we were discussing what to do next there was a huge gust of wind. The van shook and Rae said ' that looks like our skylight'. Unfortunately she was right it was. The skylight was shut and we hadn't opened it for some time as winter is not when you open them. However the wind was so ferocious that it had lifted it up and snapped it in half.

The result was we had a large hole in the roof. The rain was lashing down and we were being buffeted by gale force winds. Plus we had 3 kids, Rae has put her back out and can barely walk and we had no way of fixing it. Our whole life is in the van. We could not leave it the bedding and tv were at risk as was our whole living space.

It was to say the least a little tense .

Luckily the kids were great.

We contacted the guys at Cobra trim in Totton who were outstanding. Adam the boss man was brilliant and effected a temporary fix which meant we were once again weatherproof. His wife Donna managed to source a spare part that should arrive tomorrow.

Rae has booked herself a chiropractor appointment for tomorrow so hopefully she and the van will finish the day better than they started it.

Surprisingly the van was not too wet after the trip so not a total disaster.

In some ways it was a blessing it happened down here as at least we have a reliable team who bent over backwards to help.

Tonight we are outside there workshop hopefully the spare parts will be here tomorrow and Adam is hopeful that he will have the time to fit us in.

Rae is hoping that the chiropractor can work there magic. I'm hoping that nothing else goes wrong 😎.

Gordon on the other hand......

could care less.

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