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It’s grim up north

Set off at about 8 popped into say got to MIL in Eastleigh before heading up the A34. We had decided to go via the M1 and then A1 although it was 8 minutes slower it saved £25 in toll's. So not a difficult decision. Plus it's a different way from or usual route north which makes a nice change.

We then headed across country towards Carlisle.

At this point the weather started to deteriorate. We passed the sign to the now infamous Cummins eye test center!

We arrived at the campsit at about 5.30. It had been a relatively easy journey with only one short hold upon the A1. We passed one accident which had just occurred on the opposite carriageway a jag had hit the central crash barrier and wreckage was strewn across our carriageway. We managed to squeeze pass before the road was closed. And yes we did check that there were no casualties!

The above is the view from the entrance to the campsite hopefully it's going to look a lot more beautiful when we have some sun.

We are about 30 minutes walk from Hadrian's wall and on a bus route so hopefully we can walk and bus along it in the coming days.

It looks like the weather is set to improve. Also there's a cycle route that runs alongside the wall which will give us options and Gordon some protection from the rain.

He really isn't a big fan.

Tomorrow we will start to explore the area on foot or bike,as it's Sunday I guess the buses are not going to be as frequent.

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