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It’s official spring is here.

Another beautiful day and our penultimate before we are once more on the road. We again headed out into the forest for a walk around pigs bush.we heard our first cuckoo which is always a great sound as it's supposed to herald the start of spring and better weather.

A nice walk but very muddy at times and Derek the dog who has water issues decided that he would attempt to hide. He had managed not to roll in anything unpleasant so avoided the resultant dunking he hates!

Did the grandson pick up and bus journey again.

Returned him home and settled down for a game of Monopoly.

We have booked a few days next to Hadrian's wall on the way back to Scotland. We are both looking forward to the chance to explore the area. We have attempted to previously but have been thwarted by storms and other adverse weather conditions.

Something that was on both our to do lists. It also means that the long journey north is reduced to two more manageable segments.

Tomorrow is packing up day and a final meet up with a couple of friends before we leave early Saturday morning.

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