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Job about turn fire and wild things!

Today was the big day. Rae’s bete noir since we took this job was her fear over using the hedge trimmer. Here she is setting out full of joy!

I can confirm that she returned with the same number of limbs she set out with! As did Simon who had the enviable job of instructing her this afternoon. To her immense credit she managed to reverse the tractor and trailer into the compound into a very tight angle. Two new skills.

I on the other hand spent the day under the patient eye of Judith in the office trying to get to grips with the intricacies of the administration side of things. I think it’s fair to say Rae did a little better than I.

Otherwise Gordon’s life was saved by 2 eagle eyed youngsters who spotted a fire in the making. Someone had decided that leaving a lit barbecue by a plastic bin next to a fence next to the wooden office where Gordon was home alone as we cleaned the toilet was a good idea!

Disaster averted and two boxes of heroes delivered to our young Heroes🦸‍♀️!

After work went for a walk past this fella

Then onto the Loch where there were otters and the ubiquitous Seals

Where else in the world can you go for a walk in the evening and see cattle,otters,seals,heron and feral goats? Then get to sit out with a cold can of Guinness outside the weirdest shop looking over glorious scenery?

Tomorrow we set off for our 3rd attempt to reach Glenelg over mountains through glens past a brewery and then to the pub. Simon has kindly agreed to pick us up at the end as the walk one way will about 20 miles. We will probably leave Gordon with his friends for a play date!

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