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John O’ Groats exposed! Oh and another seal!

It was a bleak and drizzley morning and I was sent out with Gordon for his morning constitutional. There will rarely better places to have a poo.

Although Gordon would prefer slightly less draughty and wet condition. The forecast was a little iffy but we decided to risk it and headed off to Dunnett point a circular walk of some 14 miles. No definite paths but we had a map. Not something I told Rae until we were at the point of no return.

Initially we came across this pier and alongside was now what we consider a ubiquitous sight a seal swimming close to shore. It speaks volumes that we are so used to these animals since being up here. When down south it’s still a memorable sight.

We continued along the cliff edge.

Across the hinterland up towards Donnett head.

If you look carefully you can see Gordon and Rae striding off into the distance.

After a few ups and downs we eventually arrived. Luckily the weather was for the best part ok. We arrived to find this sign.

The only reason we are here is because Rae wanted to visit JOG and it turns out that it’s not the equivalent to Lands-end! Why is JOG the destination?

After this conundrum we headed off back. We had a choice continue on the unmarked coastal route or return via the road?

Yep we took the road and just as well we did as the heavens opened and Rae lost her sense of humour.

Restored and rebooted.

The toothpaste was left in my pocket from this mornings trek to the toilet block!

We returned to camp and witnessed a beautiful sunset!

A beautiful end to a very pleasant day!

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