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Jolly hockey sticks

Woke up to torrential rain at 7 had to be at friends house to pick up there daughter and take her for a hockey match in Swansea. It was much more of an undertaking than we had expected. Enjoyable non the less. A journey of nearly 3 hours there and back with a 2 hour match in between. Unfortunately they lost 2 .0

She’s the one in pink socks. We shot off into Swansea as Rae needed the finishing touch for her Halloween costume. She had to queue a little embarrassing but needs must.

Showers and sunshine were the order of the day. We returned hone and prepared for our Halloween party. We have gone to the cinema (to watch Dune, weird but good) been to a major city and now off to a gig. This is the anti Highlands!

Rainbows were the order of the day at least 4 times they appeared.

Off out makeup to be applied 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🌈😎

In case there’s any doubt the header image is a Red Kite ubiquitous in these parts.

The journey is nearly over. Home territory Monday and a blog hiatus from then only when we set off again or any interesting interludes!

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