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King Arthur’s Seat and other city streets.

The weather was supposed to be wet all day so with this in mind we decided to head for Edinburgh. We had only been to the city once before and that was for New Year's Eve celebrations but unfortunately the evening was cancelled due to weather conditions. So never having seen the city in daylight we were keen to explore.

On arrival the weather was not as bad as had been anticipated so we set off up King Arthur's seat the hill that dominates the sky line.

The view one way and in the distance is the opposite side of the forth where we have been walking and looking towards Edinburgh.

The football stadium in the foreground is Hibernians stadium Easter Road.

We parked right next to the Scottish parliament where they were confirming the new first minister with all the film crews outside.

We walked into the city along the Royal Mile

Up towards the castle.

It's a beautiful city with the huge hill and open space adjacent to the city centre with grand buildings

With alleyways ,steps and bridges randomly appearing. It was a great introduction to the city and we are very much looking forward to exploring it further.

We popped into one of the art galleries

Which one s part of the University.

As all modern art is it was good in parts.

Gordon was left in the car so that enabled us to have a look around places that are not available for dogs. This was possible because he had been walked and the weather wasn't too hot. There are limitations when one is with dog.

The picture below is of a new building that dominates the sky line it's somewhat controversial as it resembles the poo 💩 emoji. It's a luxury hotel and the architect appears to be a little offended as this was not what he was aiming for.

In short great city rammed with tourists and tourist shops but perfect location and with a little more time to explore I'm sure it will reveal some of its secrets.

Weather remains unpredictable at the moment so we will wait and see what tomorrow brings before we make any plans.

Below is part of the path up to the summit. Surprisingly steep and tricky at times.

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