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Knob on the Knob

We set off from Monmouth a little later than anticipated as a result of us getting in to the laidback momentum of this life. I had found a walk which I believed to be towards a waterfall. After an hours drive down some of the narrowest roads we have ever experienced. We reached our destination.

We started up the hillside you can see the cars in the distance it was a slog but the views were stunning. Near the top we bumped into an retired ranger who assured us that there were no waterfalls close. By this time we were very close to the summit so onwards and upwards. We were rewarded by some of the best views we have experienced since leaving The Highlands.

The photos really don't do it justice. We ascended and descend before ascending Lord Hereford Knob yep that's what it's called and I can't find out why it's called that . It's another summit that has its origins in the the Black Mountains. Panoramic views through 360 degrees. We were once again blessed with good weather although when the sun goes in you can feel the autumnal chill. Bloody cold this morning in the van but as we are on site we have heat.

These are a couple of pictures of the views.

This ones from the highest point.

With the company of a Welsh mountain pony

We then descended as we circled back toward the car.

Although we set out looking for waterfalls this was a great walk of some 8 miles with steep ascents and stunning views.

Towards the end we did come across a water feature not much of a waterfall but better than nothing 😎.

The trip back was a lot easier mainly main roads a stop off at Lidl before heading van wards.

Weather looks ok for tomorrow but we are expecting a few grim days. So we will see how we cope😳.

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