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Lang toun

The day didn't live up to expectations and remained dull and overcast throughout. Rae had her necklace to pick up from Kilkaldy so we jumped in the car.

Gordon auditioned for the Muppets and was happy to be left in the car whilst we wandered around the shops.

Interrupted by a man seemingly fitting in the high street. Weirdly everyone walked by stepped over or sat there ignoring him. We went to his assistance and stayed with him until the ambulance arrived. All very dramatic but saw the same fellow 20 minutes later up and about trying to score some drugs!! Maybe that's why it's called the high street 🫠.

Kilkaldy definitely has its rough edge with a large substance abuse community!

We then walked along the beach for a bit. Not a long walk as he's had a lot of extended trips recently.

The beach here is dependent on the tide being out. Otherwise it's just one tiny bit of scraggy sand.

When it goes out it transforms into a pleasant place to walk.

All we need now is for a little bit of summer sunshine and we could have a couple of beach days. We had a couple in June but since then it's been pretty dire.

The views remain worth a visit as always.

It's strange but although it's by the sea it doesn't look or feel like a seaside town. Nothing on the promenade or indeed the town itself gives a nod to the seaside!

Trying to find somewhere to watch the Saints kick off the season tonight. Tomorrow looks like more rain for a change Rae is expecting to go off for her voluntary work and as yet we have no other plans.

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