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Last day

The owner of the apartment insisted on photos on the roof terrace. He then spent half an hour making us promise that we would write a good review. It's been good staying here nice and calm near the beach and all the local amenities. If we came back it would be something to consider.

Although I'm not sure its going to last very long given the rear view and the tilt on it. The roof terrace looks like it was going to be another flat as there's a unfinished bathroom and toilet exposed to the elements.

God forbid there was ever a serious earthquake in this country it would be devastating 😱.

So the day was spent relaxing and reading in preparation for the big travel day tomorrow. We add planes and more trains to our modes of transport. Hopefully by this time tomorrow we will be in the Weatherspoons in Eastleigh. The sublime to the ridiculous.

We took a stroll along the coast to watch and marvel at the surf competition taking place.

And a final view across the bay.

Another beautiful day an a fitting end to our journey through Morocco. It's been a great experience there has been stunning scenery savage poverty and probably the hardest for Rae at least has been the animal welfare issues.

We will take time to process and mull over the events of the last 2 months. The people have been with out exception warm ad friendly and we have not felt at risk of harm on any occasion. Oh apart from the driving skills or lack of them

The only over major issue is the incredible amount of rubbish strewn across the landscape and beaches it's something that will stay with us for along time too come.

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