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Last Day in Monmouth and no rain!

So weather forecast was for rain rain and more rain. We decided to do some work on the interior of the van. Rae stayed behind and painted the exposed metal work with rubber paint in an attempt to reduce the condensation in the van. Gordon and I were sent out for a walk.

Same tree as yesterday but as you can see despite the forecast a little clearer.

The views on the circular walk around Monmouth were great.

We were hoping to insulate the roof as well but the rubber paint took so long to dry we had to postpone this to another day.

So instead we wandered around Monmouth and took Gordon for an evening stroll.

He made a ducks arse of things as usual.

We got a few things sorted saw a couple of kingfishers and visited a Weatherspoons so job done,

This sort of sums Monmouth up. We will definitely revisit it's a great place . The campsite is in the centre of town and very laid back. The surrounding countryside is exceptional.

Tomorrow we pack up and head towards Brecon to catch up with old friends.

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