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Last minute plans a lovely little bonus

The forecast became increasingly dire. So after working the morning we spontaneously decided to head off for a major trek 6 miles down the road opposite the world famous Eilean Dorney castle. It was something that Rae really wanted to do and to be honest I was not fussed. However as it turned out despite driving rain it was small enough and different enough to entertain my butterfly brain. On the way from campsite to castle I took this picture I’m very impressed with my self !!!

Randomly it’s one of the best photos I’ve taken. Well I think so.

The castle itself was rebuilt in the early 20th century after being destroyed by the English during the Jacobite uprising. It’s still used by the McRae family as a holiday home😳.

Its featured in Outlander and a James Bond film. Reputedly one of the most photoed and famous castles in Scotland.

A view from the grounds.

It’s a measure of where we are that you can move 6 miles and it’s more panoramic splendour.

A view from the campsite back towards base. On a clear day you maybe able to see our turnoff!

Such a beautiful place so very lucky to have had the opportunity to get to know it and be a very small part of it!

Even the neighbours are keen to interact!

As a bonus the house next door is the first thatched house I’ve seen up here.

The weather a little better tomorrow so off to see the old man of stor. Knee brace packed and Gordon rested.

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