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Late night early morning half day rain and more rain

We had pizza and chips and one or two drinks more than advisable courtesy with Simon and Judith the chips were a special treat and Simon once again tried to educate in the intricacies of proper whiskey drinking. A willing pupil but in all honesty I would prefer a good rum.

We wobbled off to bed and awoke to a luckily a half day at work.

Cleaning duties were interrupted by a rescue operation for a stunned chaffinch in the road.

After a little encouragement and a shake of the head the little fella shook his feathers and flew off. A reliable source informs me that he has never seen a chaffinch with such vibrant colours which indicates it has a good food source in this case Simons fat balls!!!

Gordon had his last meal at 6 in preparation for his trip to the dentist tomorrow morning more teeth out!

Not talking about it not thinking about it and certainly not happy about it, plus it’s raining life couldn’t get any shittyer😳

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