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Leaks haircuts trains and football

Awoke this morning to more leaks in the pod headache and toothache not an auspicious start to semi final day. Rae up on the roof of the pod with sealant. White sticky stuff all over the place probably a temporary solution but fingers crossed it will get us through until we can get professional input.

Headed up over the mountain (literally) so Rae could get her hair cut. Only a journey that could take place up here to the ‘ local’ and only hairdresser.

Waiting room

The hairdresser

The view from the hairdressers which…just to note has no running water !!!

And the road to the hairdresser

Gordon and I had brief stroll along the river that runs alongside the hairdresser while we waited.

We then made our way to Kyle to board the train to Inverness.

The forecast is for a couple of dry days so hopefully we will come back to accommodation that does not resemble a swimming pool!

We arrived in good time for the train and stopped and picked up a sandwich before alighting. We were accompanied on our trip by a coach load of senior citizens eager to experience the beauty of the highlands from the comfort of a railway carriage. The railway connects the east and west coasts and certainly didn’t disappoint.

The initial views from the train as we hugged Loch Curran on our way to Inverness. The scenery changed to grassland and mountains as we progressed across country.

Passing freshwater lochs all the while the countryside becoming greener and more undulating.

As our journey nears Inverness the countryside slowly morphs from highlands to a much more English landscape.

Still beautiful but reassuringly familiar.

Back in England to watch England. I will endeavour to explain the intricacies of football to the locals but I don’t hold out much hope. To date my attempts to get them to shout the basic ‘ come on England‘ has been and abject failure. I blame myself I must try harder this evening.

Enough said we are in the minority

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Liz Crosley
Liz Crosley
Jul 07, 2021

I'm absolutely loving your updates and beautiful photos! The scenery is stunning if not bleak and remote! Can't wait to catch up over winter. You're always welcome to pitch up on our driveway and stay over! Big hugs, much love 😘

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