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Leaving Wales

We have had some sad news in that my sisters husband is gravely ill in hospital. As such we have decided to head to her house to offer what support we can.

Rae has taken the car and set off to Brecon to see friends and collect some packages that we had had sent there in the expectation that we would be there for the next stage of the journey. Well family is more important than extending our time away at this stage.

It was a day of two halves wet and miserable in the morning with brilliant sunshine in the afternoon with a spectacular rainbow thrown in.

The view as always beautiful in the South Downs. My sister lives in West Meon in the village that we all grew up in.

Gordon was trapped in the kitchen by the cat and I had to carry him to safety.

It was such a lovely day I decided to venture out with Gordon and his chariot. Along the railway line.

I diverted off the railway on to the road back up over Winchester Hill unfortunately half way up we had a blow out on the rear tyre. Obviously no spare or repairs packed. Rae would not approve.

Luckily it was still bright and sunny and although very frustrating the views weren't too shabby.

Eventually my sister rescued us and we returned to van in one piece.

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