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Life is Beachy

We woke up this morning and were planning a walk so the decision was to head North South or East. Now some people maybe thinking that our liife is stress free but decisions still have t be made.

We headed south along the beach.

To the first headland a cluster of ruined something or other. On this stage we had the company of walkers, camel riders, horse riders and quad bikes.

All the time walking along side the island in the bay. This used to hold a prison and a fort but now is a protected sanctuarie for wildlife.

We continued walking along the beach towards the next headland gradually leaving the others behind. Until we had the beach to ourselves. What a beach it is stretching as far as the eye can see miles and miles of sand and waves. We hit the next headland and there was the largest rock pools I've seen for a long time.

Unfortunately despite some earnest searching no outstanding finds to report. I love rock pooling brings out the child in me.

We then cut inland over the dunes into a surprisingly wooded area.

We meandered our way through following camel and goat tracks

and came upon these ruins.

No idea what they are just there amongst the dunes.

Out the other side onto the estuary. Packs of wild dogs roaming but all keeping there distance and as yet not witnessed anything alarming in regards the street dogs here.

There were some showers but we've managed to dodge those and the temperatures remain in the20s so we would seem churlish to moan.

A day of sunshine tomorrow. So more of the same for us during the day with maybe a market thrown in. We pick up the car tomorrow and this will increase our range and choices. We remain in the flat until Thursday and will be sad to leave. It's a great place with great views out across the bay affording the opportunity too people watch and stunning sunsets.

Off out tonight for food and maybe a swift half.

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