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Life is Beachy

The days are progressively getting hotter. We are expecting temperatures in the mid twenties towards the end of the week. The evenings retain their chill factor but we really can't complain.

We had decided to return to a beach we had walked to a few days back. This time on bicycles.

We had a short bit across the sand. Luckily my bike has the tyres to cope with the sand Rae's unfortunately does not. It was only a short bit so pushing was not terminal.

We managed to nab a great spot on the beach and st up . We had strapped the chairs to the roof of the buggy. Rae had packed a sun shade for the dog as Princess doesn't like the sun.!

We had a chilled day with music and reading.

With a ride back across the boardwalk with the mountains as a backdrop.

Tomorrow we are heading back into Marbella to have a look around the old town and drop Rae's bike off to the guy that fixed my brakes. Her bearings are worn in the front. Which sort of mirrors her current hip problems!

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No, never, you know if you’re in pain or not.

I hope they have a good plan and they sort it out ok….



The report came back today .,, I have a tear but won’t know how bad it is or the treatment plan until monday 🥴🥴 at least I know it’s not my imagination 🤣


Looks lovely. Keep on enjoying….

When will you know about your hip Rae? X

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