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A grey day with lots of hanging around. We are still waiting for the go ahead from the garage. Having said that we are safe and sound on the site so there's no tearing hurry. The only negative currently is that due to the suspension issue we are a little reluctant to put the van up on it's levelling ramps. This means that ewe are currently on an angle meaning sleeping can be a little problematic as one tends to roll down hill.

We went out for a meal and drinks at the local Weatherspoons left the car and walked back.

So this morning we walked back into town picked up the car did a bit of shopping and returned to base.

Those block on the front wheel are the levelling ramps. With a great picture of our new steps which have exceeded our expectations.

Tomorrow we are expecting high winds of over 40 miles an hour so we will either head to the coast or the hills to enjoy them,

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