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Little blighters otter spotting and farewells

Day was spent cutting grass again we are in the growing season so the grass cutting is a constant task. Magda went off to Fort William to take pictures of the Harry Potter train as it crosses the viaduct. Apparently a iconic moment from the film.

We went out for an evening stroll with Gordon to look for otters no luck but herons and seals a plenty. We are planning on getting up early tomorrow morning to head off again as it appears that’s the best time to see them!

The midges are out in force we gave our midge nets there first run out. We have them and underclothes of insecticide infused cotton so we are as prepared as possible. I’m becoming used to the smell of citronella both inside and around the campsite.

Tomorrow we are off out on the bikes with Gordon in the trailer. This is where the otters hang out as you can see not a chore having to look for them here!

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