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Little to report

A day that started as warm and sunny gradually became cloudy and cooler. The day was spent mowing and dealing with a steady influx of arrivals and departures. The computer system played up towards the end of to the day which is never a good thing. There’s a procedure that needs to be undertaken to pull all the transactions together and checks and balances in place. This of course can’t be done if the computers aren’t in line. Luckily or unluckily depending on who’s looking at Rae had to sort that out. As I’m writing I’m watching the clouds tumble down the mountains. Another sight you don’t get to experience in downtown Totton.

One of the beauties of living here is the chance to see the weather approaching and departing. It’s not a phenomenon that we are used to.

Another full day at work tomorrow. Our next day off is Saturday. No firm plans as yet. Hopefully weather depending we can a decent walk or cycle ride in.

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