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Loch walked no pain!

Spoke to my sister and she suggested buying a bunion pad. The injured part is where a bunion would be located so decided to give it ago. It's a blessed relief. So we decided to head for a circular loch walk close by. This would be a reasonable walk of about 5 miles but on an even and flat surface.

We did not have to compromise on the scenery.

It was probably the most populated walk we have been on so far. We saw about 10 people walking their dogs! This is another country park not far from Dunfermline . There were people swimming in the Loch rather them than me.

It's the one thing that has never been an option since we have been in Scotland, it's a lot of things but not in my opinion a swimming paradise!

The walk was pleasant with some nice views on the way round.

The added bonus is that they have spaces for camper vans so you can if you want stay overnight. There's toilets, cafe and a visitors centre. In other words standard for Scotland

After the walk we popped into Dunfermline before returning to the van to finish off the painting. We have hamerited the trim and the front of the cab and it's a great improvement.

Tomorrow we drop the dog off at the dog sitters in preparation for the festival by the sea in Cumbria on Thursday.

Weather looking a little unsettled for the duration of the 4 days but ho hum we will be insulated from the inside out!

Good news foot seems to be holding up🫠

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