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Long distance walks ours and others!

This is the path that we will be heading for tomorrow. The last time we took this path was to climb our first snow topped Munro. Tomorrow we are planning on walking a loop which will take us through the valleys alongside a Loch or two and with a bit of luck join the Glen Affric way a long distance walking trail and then home. It’s an estimated 20 miles or so and according to the map there’s a path of sorts that we will be able too with a good following wind stick too. We are preparing to set off first thing tomorrow. Gordon is unaware of the day planned for him.

A routine day on site Simon and Judith went off to Fort William so we were left home alone! We had 3 campers arrive this evening nearing the end of the Lands End to John O’Groats walk over 1000 miles averaging 20 plus miles a day 40 or so days in total. They are raising money for charity 10k so far. Apparently there’s an established route which is mostly off road. The guy I spoke to was 60 thin as a rake and consuming 4000 calories a day. There’s hope for us all. In comparison we have younger people stay on site who never venture off site in there entire stay. Horses for course I guess.

Weather today was sunny spells midges still not in full flight. A little rain forecast for tomorrow. We will be midge secure for the walk!

A view from the top! Early to bed early to rise 🌈😎

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