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Long drive to the rain.

The stopover we had been staying in was full which was surprising given the time of year and it being a Monday. Well we played our part and vacated in good time as we once again headed south.

It's all a bit of guess work looking at maps and trying to divide the journey into driveable sections.

Today we had chosen Salamanca as our destination. Purely because it sounded cool. Apparently it has the largest square in Spain according to Rae's Spanish teacher.

It was a drive of over 5 hours with a couple of stops we arrived just after four having left 8.30 ish.

We continue to avoid the toll roads and this section was shorter and about the same time as if we had payed.

All the way we skirted any towns and the road was dual carriageway and very quiet. We did deviate once to fill up and saved a good 40p a litre in doing so. Diesel is cheaper here than France and England today it cost about £1.20 so helps a little cost wise.

The stopover is in the middle of nowhere but we are assured that it's a short bike ride into Salamanca . On the web it was 10 minutes that's now increased to 1 1/2 hours walk. We have charged the bikes and are off in the morning for a look around.

We are here for 2 nights and then we have two more shorter hops before we arrive in Cadiz on the 17th. 1 night in the first one and 2 In the second.

There's been a dramatic change in the weather counterintuitively it has got colder and wetter as we have traveled south. Tomorrow it remains cold but we should be dry.

Throughout this leg of the journey we have been accompanied by the beautiful Red Kites which have now become a regular sight in the UK.

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