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Long late walk

We had a lot of rain early morning into the afternoon. So we spent the day mending punctures, bike repairs, trying to source a new lock for the van and getting stuff ready for the accountant.

Although remaining overcast the rain stopped for a bit so we headed out into the Lomond Hills. This is a national park and only 15 minutes drive from the site.

We embarked upon a 7.5 mile walk. It's a truly beautiful place with scenery you can only dream of.

The rock formation is known as John Knox pulpit he never came near the place but apparently there were some clandestine gatherings here of religious outcasts in the 1700s.

We then had a very steep climb up the hill. Probably the most arduous climb we've had since being up here.

Although we struggled a bit the wind and the clouds meant that all 3 of us coped with the climb.

The effort was well rewarded as we reached the top. It has a great view over Loch Leven which we have previously walked around.

We managed to walk all the way with not a drop of rain until we reached the car. Then the heavens opened. As of now the rain continues but we are safe and dry back at camp. What was strange is that through out the entire walk bearing in mind how close to the city we are we didn't see another person. Just goes to show if you make a little effort you can still enjoy the wilderness unbothered by other people!!

Tomorrow we are off to Dundee by train it's Dundee Pride we think so should be interesting.

We have repaired Gordon's chariot so it can convert into a stroller which means he can get shade and comfort as we push him round. It's foldable so should be easy enough to transport on the train.

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