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Long walk, visitors, pine martens, seals, golden eagles and fairy tale houses.

We made the most of our unexpected day off and set off early to Skye to walk the circular walk to the lost villages and along the coast back to the marble mines and the car. First we stopped at the local bakery where we source the bread we sell in the shop. They have a cafe and gin distillery all housed in self built Hansel and Gretel type houses.

That’s the toilet

And the distillery

And the cafe.

Fortified with cake and coffee we set off for the villages and the walk.

That’s the view up the chimney of an abandoned village house.

After about 4 miles of undulating paths we arrived on the coast where we had our picnic. A little overcast but warm with a gentle breeze. Magda Max and Mia agreed that we should try to complete the circular walk rather than head back the way we came!

We had lunch here in the company of a pair of big nosed oyster catchers well big orange beaks. And then headed off along the coast hopefully ending up completing the circle. This we did although a lot longer than anticipated. The views were stunning

Not a surprise as we were on Skye. We stumbled across a young pine marten who had just bagged himself a rat for dinner. Luckily Gordon was on a lead as he was very interested in having a chat!

He had found a discarded lambs tail which he enjoyed!

We returned to the van eventually ,all exhausted and ready for supper.

We stopped on the way back at the local shop and in the sea opposite was a seal lazing on the foreshore

We also saw Golden Eagles and possibly a sea eagle. All in all a good day of exercise good company and lots of nature spotting.

Back to work tomorrow Magda and family are planning a long walk to the local falls a round trip of 11 + miles of at times taxing terrain. We wish them luck!

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