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Lost a little found some great canyons.

Trouble with internet continues.

We had been given a map by the hotel manager with some less than clear instructions. So more in hope than expectation we decided to chance our arm. Initially we walked up the road before descending down a unpaved track to the bottom.

Strode off up the other side got a little lost so had to descend via a ravine.

Finding some really interesting rock formations and a perfect little fossil that will be a souvenir of our trip to paradise valley.

It became at times a little tricky

With certainty no disabled access.

It wasn't the walk we were expecting but was much nicer than the previous sortie into the valley. This time there were no cafes or people trying to sell us stuff. In fact we only saw one other person and he was a sprightly young Frenchman who left us in his wake. Luckily he didn't witness us slithering down rocks and limping our way through the rocks.

It's a beautiful place with lizards and ground squirrels for company no sound apart from the occasional gust of wind.

It's so isolated that at times the conversation turned to'what would happen if' ...

luckily nothing did go wrong and there was not a slip or stumble between us.

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