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Made it to the wedding.

It was touch and go but with a lot of medication on board Rae was able to get to the wedding. Although her participation was limited to spectator it was a worth the drive down the M27.

It was held in the naval museum in Gosport hence the guns. The venue was in the powder monkey brewery.

We arrived at 4 for the evening do and it was great meeting up with old friends.

The views across the harbour were great and the weather was perfect for a wedding.

We had to cut the evening short due to back pain.We had a little bit of the band. The one that the groom and his father play in.

A long trip from Scotland but we are glad we made the effort. It also enabled us to catch up with friends and family.

Tomorrow we are meeting with family and friends. Probably move back to Calmore for the next couple of nights. We then will plan our trip north.

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