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Magnificent Ochil Hills

We had a very quiet and peaceful night the rain was supposed to start at about 2 So after Raes Spanish lesson we headed for the hills.

Initially a bit of a climb up through the conifers.

We carried on up over the hill past a bit that had been harvested leaving the scars behind.

Soon past this eyesore and were rewarded with great views back towards our base camp.

The hill in the background is the one we climbed 2 days ago. With a great view towards the sea the other way.

We had planned to have lunch next to the reservoir and followed the path down into the valley.

The loch was a little off our planned path but very much worth the effort.

The plan was then to climb up the other side of the valley and then walk along the ridge. As we climbed we were set upon by huge waves of flies. We resorted to plucking bracken fronds to beat them away. It very quickly ceased to be fun so we cut our losses and literally ran down the hill to walk along the loch.

Although not the walk we had planned it was a great circuit. Deer,busards and a mole that the dog caught and released more than made up for the flies.

The views kept on changing and were magnificent.

In all directions.

As we crested the hill we eventually left the flies behind.

An unexpected view of the castle before we returned to the van.

We debated staying another night but as we had too be back tomorrow as Rae is off volunteering on Saturday morning we decided to make the journey back. This is truly an amazing country. We drove 25 miles and it's another beautiful landscape. We will definitely return and walk more of these hills. Next time we will bring our midge nets to fend off the swarms. Long trousers and sleeves are wise additions as Rae picked up a tick which has been mostly😱 removed.

A nice day tomorrow so we may take advantage and head for the coast.

Despite the forecast no thunderstorms and only one gentle shower.

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