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We have moved from Totton to Eastleigh . We have landed at the MILs as we had some maintenance to attend to. We have been struggling with condensation and bought some cork roll to fix to the ceiling in attempt to reduce the problem.

Considering the amount of technical difficulties we managed to muddle through with minimum arguments.

We tried templates but gave that up and used tape measures. It took most of the day with a trip to B and Q to restock.

All done we are a little concerned that the glue won't hold but time will tell.

We've taken the van off the road and managed to get it on to the driveway. As such we can relax in the knowledge that we won't be disturbed.

Tomorrow we are off to visit friends in Whiteparish. I will ride the bike out and Rae will follow later in the car.

We have decided to stay locally until the 4th of November as it's MILs birthday. Looking forward to a night out to celebrate!

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