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Meeting friends and an Obelisk

I was thinking of calling Garry and Kirsty to arrange a meet up and before I could he called me. Synchronicity😎

We arranged to meet up at Canada Common for a walk and a catch-up.

And that's about the long and short of it.....

Nice to catch up and we adjourned to the local pub for a noisy and disappointing coffe. Noisy because they were renovating and disappointing as they had no oat milk.

It was a beautiful day for a walk!

Sometimes you have to leave and return to appreciate the beautiful places on your doorstep.

After we said our goodbyes we decided as this was the last rain free day for awhile to have a drive down to Lymington. Had a stroll round the town and the harbour. Not a lot going on even the wildlife were having an afternoon nap.

It's a strange thing that since we have the time you notice stuff that previously you didn't see. For example I've been coming to Lymington on and off my entire life both for work and leisure and have never noticed this monument towering above the town.

The tallest Oberlisk in the UK! Who knew? Erected for some admiral at the end of the 18th century.

Obviously very important at the time and he used to live on the house that is now a private school on the way into Lymington coming from Beaulieu.

Rain tomorrow which will give us time to sort a few outstanding things for the van and other mundane tasks.

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