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Meryl Streep eat your heart out.

The wind was something else last night with the occasional downpour. However we survived and taking note of the weather sunshine and showers decided to catch the bus to Lyme Regis. We decided to get off at Charmouth and walk along the beach to Lyme looking for fossils.

As we got off the bus the heavens opened luckily a kind shop keeper took pity on us and let us take shelter. That apart it was a surprisingly nice day although very windy.

The fossil hunting was an excuse for a walk with some modest success but the back drop was glorious.

The wind was whipping the sea up into a frenzy.

When we arrived in Lyme Regis we had a picnic on the beach.

Selfie liberty.

Walked along to the harbour wall where the french lieutenants wife was filmed.

The wind was ferocious and the walk along the walk was a little treacherous but well worth it. We then headed back into town to catch the bus back to Bridport. A great day and well worth the risk of a soaking.'

The view from the cliff as we watched someone going for a swim!!

The weather looks better tomorrow so we are planning on a bike ride if all goes well.

Hopefully Gordon's ears will have an easier day.

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