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Another hot and sunny day. Rae had Spanish lessons and Gordon stayed with her. I set off on an established route across the fields towards the beach.

The field below was freshly ploughed a couple of months ago and now it's sprouting a crop of potatoes. Fyfe is a farmer's paradise as it has rain and a temperate climate.

The path initially was familiar and easy. I decided to take a diversion.

The route winded it's way over farmland before spitting me out on a b road.

A mile or so down the road and I found myself again. Down by the river and the valley before I met up with Rae and Gordon

We met halfway up the valley. Gordon enjoyed the water and the shade.

From there we visited the market town of Cupar Rae got a great cycle jacket and a pair of shoes from the charity shop. Cupar is a lovely town and has a train station so we will return.

Tomorrow rain is expected so we have some bike maintenance and also we are trying to repair Gordon's push chair do we can take him around town in comfort and safety🫠

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