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Mixed weather and back to work!

Weather has improved from yesterday. But in a now new normal for us has been a mixed bag. Warm sunshine to hailstorms to rainbows see above. Woke up to more snow on the mountains and we have more on the way😳.

It continues to amaze and enthral us every time we wake up.

Bluebells are starting to appear around the site as are the midges. We presume they are the males as no one has reported being bitten. It’s the females that bite apparently!

Picture of hail outside the reception 5 minutes later bright blue sky’. We are continuing learn new things each day and are meeting some interesting people. A mix of mainly elders in caravans and motorhomes and younger walkers in tents. Having said that there are quite a few Munro baggers in there early to late 60s. As previously stated Munros are mountains over 3000 ft and there are in excess of 280 in Scotland and a bagger is someone who is attempting to climb them all!

If we get the time we may try to climb a few!

Working again tomorrow!

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