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We had a really nice night last night. A good meal in a very old and atmospheric pub.

It poured down all evening and throughout the night. We had left the dog behind because it was so wet. However it was one of the most dog friendly places we've visited . It had towels for dogs and their own menu!

As it turned out we were practically the only people without dogs.

The weather wasn't looking good so we decided to stay local.

We walked around town which was charming but very twee !

Then headed off on the river walk.

A nice walk along the banks of the river the weather steadily improved as we walked.

We then headed up through the forest. This is a community forest with lots of new planting taking place.

At the top we got great views across the Southern Uplands.

With a little help we got to look around from every angle.

The weather held and despite dressing for every occasion we remained dry .

Tomorrow the weather continues to improve. We will head further into the hills to explore and there's supposed to be a very impressive waterfall on route.

We have booked one more night this time on an electric pitch. This will enable us to charge things . We will then decide whether to push on further west, stay put or head back to base. If the weather is dreadful we maybe better off back where we have been.

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