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Moor walks!

A little delayed in our start but decided to take the van and head off for a walk up and around Dartmoor. We have an app called All Trails that enables us to look for walks near by and select difficulty and length. The added bonus is that you can download the map before you set off and it works as a sat nav for walking.

The trip to and from the staring point was a little fraught as the Devon roads are not set up for larger vehicles.

We started the walk with a set itenary but change a few stages to make the walk a little shorter than the 10 miles originally intended.

The dry stone walls are skill that's not being handed down mores the pity. So much nicer than barbed wire.

The trail took us along the river.

Many beautiful parts and we stopped for a picnic here.

I've had lunch in worse places.

We followed the river ever upwards int the moor and the dam.

We then went on to the moor proper. Past a hovering Kestre that didn't seem too be bothered that we were trespassing on his hunting grounds.

We eventually came to the summit and once again the views were outstanding.

The walk we originally planned was a little long do we took a detour that turned out to be longer than the original not entirely unexpected.

Luckily this sign helped

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