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More appropriate for the Highlands.

A day spent doing odd jobs around the vans and starting to think about the upcoming winter and are living arrangements. We had the caravan repair man who we had booked 3 or so months ago. He was helpful and confirmed that the electric heater was kaput in the caravan. Not too much of a problem as we can use radiator and or fan heaters. He managed to repair the fridge in the van by replacing the element. He also gave us some good advice and tips re moving forward. The weather is changing a definite reduction in temperature makes it feel slightly more Scottish. We are expecting heavy rain and thunderstorms. At the time of writing these have yet to materialise. We have done some additional waterproofing to the van so fingers crossed. Back to work tomorrow and for the next 3 days expecting lots of rain.

A view across the valley to the war memorial and cemetery.

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